Our Founder

Ms. Kendra is a native of Winston Salem, NC. She is a proud mother of 3. She graduated from Independence High School a (then) reformative school. Ms. Kendra experienced motherhood as a teenager and quickly learned to adapt to the demanding calls of student/parent. Throughout her life she has faced hardships but overcame them persistently. Ms Hardee attributes her desires to continue her education even through adversities; to Ms Richardson; a high school guidance counselor at Independence HS☺️that advocated for her and gave her insight about going to college and following her dreams!  

Ms Kendra often reflects on the support she received in unlikely places as some of her most powerful forces behind her. As a teenaged, single mother living on her own, Ms. Kendra  went on to graduate high school then, obtained an AAS degree from Forsyth Technical Community College in Criminal Justice, then completed her undergraduate studies at Winston Salem State University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Justice Studies (graduating Cum Laude). Ms. Kendra has since went on to continue her educational journey starting a masters program in Counseling. 

 She received the vision for P.O.L.I.S.H. in 2014 and has since, been working diligently to get this program off the ground to be that advocate and support for girls traveling similar journeys involving hardship. Our founder desired to create a program that could offer girls things that she wished had been introduced to her during her journey from adolescence to adulthood. And so here it is…P.O.L.i.S.H for girls!

 Ms Kendra believes in 2nd, and even 3rd chances! She believes that everyone has a purpose and that if you find your purpose/gift that life can become a lot easier and even more beautiful! She loves to incorporate color as you may have noticed throughout our website lol. "Your individual colors are beautiful and unique but when together they can create a beautiful rainbow". 

Some of our founders greatest accomplishments:

-“Dedicating my life to Serve God”

-“Being the Best Mother I can possibly be to my children!”

-“Graduating from high school living on my own!”

-Starting My own Home-health Care company!”

-“Making time to mentor children.”




 P.O.L.i.S.H. was created to be a support system for girls in various stages throughout their journeys. Our founder  saw a need to create this organization similar to that of a college sorority. Affording young women the ability to get involved early on. College and/or pledging isn't a fit for every girl; P.O.L.i.S.H. was created to mimic those sorority styles of sisterhood and comradery. Affording girls, from all walks of life the opportunity to create & foster& support strong, positive bonds & experiences that can last a lifetime. Creating bonds with these girls they meet throughout the programs will  hopefully carryover into adulthood and last a lifetime. 

Dedicating ourselves to mentoring teenage girls through sisterly interactions, creating life experiences together and empowering them to walk into their own unique gifts and talents. In a group setting and/or group outings we will help create and foster these strong positive bonds. We will build on selfesteem, leadership skills, professionalism and a POLISHED stature; while striving to bring out the uniqueness in all. We will offer a sense of security and connection; bonding in SISTERHOOD.


Our mission is to create, foster and support positive relationships and experiences that steer our girls into a successful & empowered adulthood.

P.O.L.i.S.H. runs Mentoring activities all throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like us to engage your group of girls. We also run our regular curriculum program from February through December yearly; which consist of the bi-weekly meetings with pre-arranged outings for the girls to incorporate what they've been learning through the outing's related experience. * Please see Program Overview below ​

"Pouring a little of our colors into one another...​"

Program Overview

  • 24 meetings a year (2 per month)
  • 1 Topic Related Outing (total of 5 prearranged trips)
  • 1 topic covers a 2 month period(ie. Feb.-March "Loving Myself)

Topics:​ 1 topic is covered for a 2 month period 

JANUARY is our Beginning of year/program celebrating time!
  1.  (RED) February- March
  2.  (YELLOW) April-May
  3. (BLUE) June-July
  4. (GREEN) August-September
  5. (PURPLE) October-November
DECEMBER is our End of year celebration time! 

Membership Types:

Jr. Polish: 6th-8th graders

Sr. Polish: 9th-12th

Polished: Girls who have completed at least 2 yrs as a Sr. polish and finished the program. Lifetime membership

*The different membership groups' programs run together. They are only separated in occurrences due to age appropriateness of a topic. Also Jr. Polish are NOT allowed to be considered Polished until they have complete 2 yrs as a Sr. Polish. Polish members are eligible for scholarships ONLY once they have completed the program and completion project requirements. 

OUR Cotillion​ !!!!! 

More details about our Cotillion provided during membership enrollment... JUST KNOW WE PLAN TO GO BIG & BOLD!!!!


Why the Name POLiSH?




: to make (something) smooth and shiny by rubbing it

:to improve (something); to make better than it was before

Pearls are symbolic of Transition. Charity, Honesty, Wisdom and Integrity.

Polish has chosen the pearl as our sole piece of jewelry of choice for the ladies to wear during our cotillion. Our cotillion will celebrate those young ladies coming of age(16)and their completion of the program.

*They remind us to walk with dignity. 

' i '

Why the small 'i' in the name P.O.L.i.S.H.?

In our organization emphasis is placed on "i" (the individual) to display our individual uniqueness amongst our peers. 

We strive to aid each young lady in discovering and strengthening their sense of pride in their identities and uniqueness.  

Our uniqueness is a strength, not a weakness! 

We want to aid our girls into self identifying and discovering what makes them who they are. This allows them to find their lanes or create one for themselves. This also sets them up for personal growth and a feeling of  meaningfulness in life. 

Red~Loving Myself

Yellow~Striving to achieve

Blue~Believing the sky is the limit

Green~Building relationships with others

Purple~Helping Others