The Many Ways we Connect

PROGRAMMING: P.O.L.i.S.H. for girls has a multi-type curriculum to engage the girls in our yearly ran program. We designed the program to utilize two types of curriculum; an explicit(stated curriculum) and a hidden(unofficial curriculum). We understand that some lessons just cant be taught in a lecture or classroom session, we have combined a curriculum of well thought out activities and group discussions with outings that give real life experience that will be delivered through pre-planned outings/trips as well as through role play within group sessions. We will use a Teach-Apply-Assess measurable scaling system to educate, implement and analyze outcome. This style will be applied in our yearly ran membership program. This program runs yearly from February to December. 

MENTORING IN THE COMMUNITY: Aside from our membership program; P.O.L.i.S.H. has decided this year to add mentoring and community engagement into our plan of action for youth development in our communities. With influence from other community activists and the motivation for change, even from our own Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr., we were inspired to join the initiatives and cultivated a slimmed down version of our program to be utilized in a more flexible and creative way. Our intentions with this initiative is to offer groups the opportunity to experience most of what we offer to our members while meeting these girls right where they are. This would include mentoring in small selected groups in schools, afterschool programs, church camps or in housing developments to assist these young girls in there journeys; supplying them with a toolbox of knowledge, skills and experiences to travel with them into adulthood.  

P.O.L.i.S.H. membership program 

As a member you reap the benefits of a fully engaging program ranging from self-awareness, honing my gifts to goal setting and attainment and possibly creating a business plan(if you so desire). We focus on the individual girl as she journeys to adulthood; supplying her tools , skills and life experiences that will surely POLISH her. 

With a full year to come together we are afforded the time to interact and bond; creating a sisterhood. We have time to fully engage in philanthropy/community services efforts as well as fundraise and explore the arts. 

*We plan to have some annually run community service projects as well as a formal dance for our girls to be able to display some of the grace and beauty they'd learn to display in our program. Also through local sponsors we have been afforded the opportunity to dab into the arts a little.

Mentoring in the Community

This engagement in a smaller group, within a smaller time period which does place some limits on the lessons that we believe a girl could benefit from. But to engage at all; allows us just enough time to spark their minds to want to continue to explore life outside of home and community. We hope with this engagement it allows girls in various areas and from all walks of life to experience something new and encourages their continued curiosity to a more positive lifestyle.

*Please contact us to see how our mentorship program can fit into your groups.

  • Summer camps
  • Vacation bible schools
  • After school programs/In school
  • Corrective programs